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Muir-Walker Medics

Outdoor Emergency Care Training is a project of the Muir-Walker Medics Co-operative Limited – a not-for-profit Industrial and Provident Society registered with the Financial Services Authority
(Reg. No. 29894R).


Open courses in the South Downs, London and the Wye Valley

In-house training nationwide and abroad

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Open Programme:
Every month we run multiple open weekend courses based at beautiful YHA hostels across the country. For on-line booking and further course information, including details of venues and accommodation, click on your chosen date on the column to the right.

In-House Training: We can organise courses at your location. This enables us to provide training tailored to your needs at dates and times that suit you. We provide this course for a range of groups from canoe clubs and schools to aid organisations and outdoor centres. We offer significant discounts to organisations which group book. Contact our training team to discuss how we can help.

This 16 hour course is designed for anyone who travels, lives or works in a remote geographical location more than one hour from definitive medical care. Whether you are an avid mountaineer, DofE leader, white water kayaker, traveling or working in the developing world or just love wild places; on our course you will learn the first aid skills needed in an outdoor emergency.

This course fulfills the necessary requirements of both the MLT Mountain and Walking Group Leader awards and the British Canoe Union coaching schemes. It is used by various DofE regions for those training for the BELA and associated NGB awards and includes paediatric protocols for those leading young people. Our instructors are qualified as professional trainers and deliver courses with a practical perspective gained from their background in emergency care - from here in the UK to Aid Work overseas.

Course outline

You will learn both how to recognise and treat a wide variety of the illness and injuries that can arise in the outdoors. You will practise skills such as assessing a casualty, bandaging wounds, splinting fractures, reducing dislocations, and making and carrying improvised stretchers.

Below is a selection of the main areas we cover.
  • Urban vs Wilderness Care
  • Casualty Evaluation and Maintenance
  • Care of Bleeding/Wounds/Burns & Shock
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Recognition and Splinting of Fractures
  • Recognition, Management and Reduction of Dislocations
  • Recognition and Management of Medical Emergencies: Asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions, allergies.
  • Basic Life Support and Wilderness CPR Protocols
  • Physical/Environmental Hazards: Heat and cold, altitude, immunisations; insect, animal and snake bites.
  • Water Emergencies
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Wilderness First Aid Kits and Improvisation

wildfaidbookwebCourse manual and certification

All students receive a copy of 'Wilderness First Aid: Emergency Care For Remote Locations', the official collaboration between the Wilderness Medical Society (WMS) and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS).

To receive a Wilderness First Aid (16 Hours) certificate valid nationwide for three years students must demonstrate first aid skills on the course. Successful students who intend to work outside of the UK are also issued aECSI Wilderness First Aid: 16 Hours completion card valid worldwide for three years.


Completion of Wilderness First Aid (16 Hours) enables entry to the advanced course – Remote Care. This is aimed primarily at those planning to work or travel abroad far beyond the call of immediate medical aid. The focus is on travel health, practicing advanced skills such as spinal immobilisation & IM injections and learning through scenario based training, including night exercises. Those who complete both courses within one year qualify for Wilderness First Aid - Advanced (36 Hours) certification. For those who wish to achieve Wilderness First Responder status Wilderness First Aid is the first module of three.


Our open programme Wilderness First Aid courses are held in and around out host YHA Hostels. We take full advantage of their settings to do many practical sessions out in the surrounding grounds and countryside. Our course prices are not residential. Accommodation is available in the hosting YHA hostels, but needs to be booked in advance. Alternatively, we can provide you a local accommodation list. Light refreshments are provided in the training rooms throughout the day, but bring a packed lunch. Breakfast, dinner and packed lunches are available from the hostels or you can use one of the self-catering kitchens.

The host YHA hostels are set in amazing locations in the South Downs National Park, Central London and the Wye Valley. Why not come early, stay the Friday night and explore.

Course Booking

For on-line booking and further course information, including details of venues and accommodation, click on your chosen date on the column to the right.



South Downs- YHA Alfriston


Group Stretcher Practice


Wye Valley - YHA Welsh Bicknor


South Devon Coast - YHA Salcombe



Central London - YHA Holland Park


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Upcoming Courses 

February 2015

Wilderness First Aid
YHA South Downs (Sussex)

28th-1st March
Wilderness First Aid
Holland Park Ecology Centre (London)


May 2015

Wilderness First Aid
YHA South Downs (Sussex)


June 2015

Remote Care (Advanced)
YHA South Downs (Sussex)

July 2015

Wilderness First Aid
Holland Park Ecology Centre (London) 


Wilderness First Responder Module III 
YHA South Downs (Sussex)

Wilderness First Responder Refresher
YHA South Downs (Sussex) 


October 2015

31-1st November
Wilderness First Aid
Holland Park Ecology Centre (London)


December 2015

Wilderness First Aid
YHA South Downs (Sussex)